October 2016

How to Get Pro Quicktime Codecs without Final Cut

Like many editors out there, I’ve pretty much given up on Final Cut for editing. I still use it occasionally when I cut in a post house that still uses it, or if I have to dig out an old project to make updates. I’ve made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro, and use AVID when I can on longer projects.

But what about ProRes flavors and all the other great codecs (HDV, FCP Uncompressed, XDCAM, DVCPro) you get when Final Cut is installed on your system? Half of the work I do is ProRes, and it’s still a great workflow codec from proxies to full resolution 4:4:4 final delivery. How do you skip the FCP install but get the codecs? Simple!

Go to the Apple site, and download the ProApps QT component update here: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1396

You can’t just install the .pkg without an installed version of FCP. The installer won’t let you.

Easy workaround:

      1. Go snag this handy little app, unPKG by timdoug: http://www.timdoug.com/unpkg/ 
      2. Download it, and install it somewhere handy.
      3. Open the QuickTime ProApps .DMG you downloaded, and drag that install .pkg file it includes onto the unPKG app icon.
      4. It’ll create a folder and some subfolders on your desktop that contain all the Pro QT codecs you want. 
      5. Copy all those .component codec files into the Library>Quicktime folder of your boot drive–in the same directory path structure that unPKG spits out for you–fire up your favorite NLE, MPEG Streamclip, Media Encoder Squeeze, or other transcoding app, and all those codecs–including all the ProRes flavors–are yours!