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    "Rack" - Visual Effects Shot Breakdown

    Breakdown of two effects shots I completed for the upcoming sci-fi short film, "Rack."

    From principle photography to 2-shot delivery: 1.5 weeks.

    Plates were shot on a Canon 5DMkII. Actors were shot walking and running on actual 15 foot cliff, and no cash to afford green screen rigging off the cliff face.

    Rotoscope mattes were animated in Nuke 5.2 and exported as full resolution luma mattes for comping work in After Effects.

    In After Effects shot was layered with simple background composite matte painting created in Photoshop.

    Each character was extracted using a luma matte from Nuke in order to have total control over the color and compositing of each person.

    Each layer was made into 2.5D in After Effects in order to add the foreground plant and small camera push. Lighting and clouds were layered in using purchased stock footage and photos of fog and clouds in order to lend the shot the atmosphere of reality.

    Shot of single character running also includes a faux focus pull in order to match focus pull from far to foreground in the original plate.

    Music: "Elevator Music" - Beck

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